VE Sessions

VE Sessions

Technician Preparation Class

Bill KC1ANX will be teaching a Technician class at the North Smithfield EMA offices downstairs at the North Smithfield Police station, 575 Smithfield Road, North Smithfield, RI 02896. This address is right at Park Square, diagonally across from the back entrance to Our Lady, Queen of Martyrs Church. It is easy to find, right on the Woonsocket, North Smithfield line. The dates of my class are below. Classes start at 7:00 PM sharp and last until 9:15 PM. I am available for questions and discussion after class if necessary. Anyone interested should e-mail me There is no fee for the class, but the Gordon West book is about $22. The book is required, homework reading will be assigned. I welcome people of any technical skill level. I also welcome already licensed operators, as they often promote good discussions, and can sometimes help me out if a student question stumps me. That has happened before. This class is sponsored by the North Smithfield EMA. Class dates are:

· March 22 Class 1
· March 29 Class 2
· April 5 Class 3
· April 12 Class 4
· April 19 Class 5
· April 26 Class 6
· May 3 Class 7
· May 10 – Ascension Thursday, NO class. I’ll be in Church
· May 17 Class 8
· VE Session May 19, thanks to BVARC

The Kent County Amateur Radio Group

The VE sessions are held at Cranston Public Library, 140 Sockanosset Cross Road Cranston, RI , the VE Sessions start at 9:15 AM. No pre registration is needed. Testing dates are held regularly. Contact Ken Carr for more information: or call: (401) 491-9520 Here are the current ve session dates for 2018, Feb. 17 Apr. 14 June 9 July 21 Sept. 22 and Nov. 17.

The Blackstone Valley Amateur Radio Club

Has VE sessions held at the Slatersville Congregational Church, located at the corner of School and Green Street in Slatersville, RI . Exams start at 9:00 AM and are held regularly. Contact Bob Jones WB1P for more information 401-333-4787. Here are the current ve sessions dates for 2018. Jan. 27 Mar. 24 May 19 Aug. 25 Oct. 27 and Dec. 29.information 401-333-4787.

The Newport Country Radio Club

VE sessions are held at Middletown Baptist Church, The exams will be upstairs in the church hall , 1818 West Main Rd. (RT.114) Middletown, RI. Exams are given at 9:00 AM Exams are held regularly. Call: Jack N1JK for more information, 401-683-2250 or e mail: , Waiting for Jack to send updated dates for the year 2018. or e mail:  The ve sessions for 2018 are the following dates: March 10, June 9, September 8 and December 8.


Has VE Sessions held the 1st Saturday of every month at the Cranston Public Library, 140 Sockanosset Cross Rd. Cranston, RI the testing begins at 9:15 AM. For more information contact: Contact: Bruce Herrick
(401) 741-2212 Email: