Nets On the Air

Nets On the Air


RI Amateur Radio Emergency Service ARES VHF Net is held every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7pm on the KA1RCI Repeater Network. We will perform exercises and fun drills for emergency practice, including traffic handling, emergency power, simplex communications, and more! The net is open to all licensed operators and the net manager is N1PSX Paul. For more information visit our website at There you can also submit registration forms online. You can also find us on Facebook Groups RI ARES

Rhode Island Digital Link

The Rhode Island Digital link has been up and running flawlessly now for over 6 months. The premise of the link is to have one central meeting place where folks can link up from several different modes and have a good ole’ Qso.

Currently we have DMR (TG#31444 on BRANDMEISTER) – C4FM (YSF reflector#93196) – ALLSTAR (Node# 45592 or 43302) – DSTAR (DCS059A) – NXDN (TG#31444) –  ECHOLINK (KA1MXL-L)  and TEAMSPEAK (NEHUB). Due to the amount of different modes available here we ask that you refrain from “quick” keying and leave at least a 3 to 4 second delay before keying up. Also we ask that you shut off VOX when using either TeamSpeak or EchoLink.

View the Allstar activity here,

Stop in, stay awhile and join in the conversation.

New England Weather Net

The New England Weather Net was started fifty+ years ago and is still meeting on 3.905 MHz at 5:30 every morning but Sunday.

At an ARRL Division meeting which I attended this weekend, I was approached by Henry Brown, K1WCC who had a small request for me.

Henry has been an active supporter of the Weather net for many years and reported that they have a regular problem on the net that I might be able to help solve. They have regular check-ins from every New England state plus New York, New Jersey, many other states down to Florida but never seem to have any check-ins from Rhode Island. He asked me if I could try to find some willing early risers in RI who could provide basic weather information such as current temperature and weather conditions to the net.

They meet Monday through Saturday at 05:30 on 3.905 MHz. If you wish to pass this along to someone who you believe might like to do this, please do so. This is not a club program or activity. Anyone in Rhode Island could help this old and venerable New England institution in its mission.

Thanks very much,
Bob Beaudet, W1YRC
ARRL Section Manager
Rhode Island Section
ARRL – the national association for Amateur Radio ®



The Providence Emergency Management Agency

Sunday evening at 7pm on the KA1RCI repeater network. Marian AA1VU is the net control. More information about the club can be found by searching KK1PMA on

Anyone interested in joining contact the group at at or visit our web site: www.
e mail Mike Grimaldi Sr. Cell: 401-868-0590

D-Star Repeater Net

Tuesday evening at 8:00 pm. on the w1aad Portsmouth D Star repeater freq. 145.00

HF Late Night Net

on 3816 Mhz from 10 pm till midnight.

Nuts Bolts and Screws Net (off till September)

on 40 meters freq. 7185 Mhz LSB Monday thru Fridays from 2-4pm local time.

10 Meter FM Net.

Thursday evenings at 8:00 PM on the 29.470 MHz

Rhode Island Sky warn Net

Every Wednesday evening on the KA1RCI repeater network at 7:00PM Martin N1JMA is the NCS

CW Net

3.549 MHz CW Net Monday Evenings at 9:00 PM

Dust off your straight key, paddles, keyer , etc. and join us for some
CW practice.

Informal net to help folks learn code or for an old salt to get their
fist back…

Please pass this message on to anyone that might be intrested in
pounding some brass.

Rhode Island and Eastern MA Traffic Net

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:00 PM. on the 147.075 pl tone 67

Yankee Six Meter SSB Net (New England)

Every Sunday morning at 9:30 AM, on 50.272 Mhz. USB, NCS for this net is John kb1vxy and Alison kb1gmx

BVARC Net Blackstone Valley ARC

( To test ARES coverage on simplex )

Every Wednesday Evening at 7:00 PM, Simplex Freq. of 146.565

Westerly Amateur Radio Team Net

The Westerly Amateur Radio Team Net meets every Thursday evening at 1900 (7:00 PM) on the team’s W1WRI Repeater, 147.315 + 110.9, located in Westerly, except for the 4th week of the month. On the 4th week of the month we have our in-person meeting at 1800 (6:00 PM) in the EOC at the Westerly Police Station, 60 Airport Rd. Westerly, RI. All hams are welcome to check into the nets and attend the meetings.

Thank you,

Jim Creamer, kb1mao
Westerly Amateur Radio Team
Emergency Coordinator
2 David Ave.
Westerly, RI 02891
P: 401-596-2720
C: 401-864-4510

e mail:

Ocean State Emergency Communications Alliance Net (OSECA)

This alliance was created through a cooperative discussion with local Emergency Management Agency Ham Radio Team leaders who are eager to create an opportunity for Amateur radio operators in RI to practice and coordinate their ability to serve as Emergency Communicators.

The Ocean State Emergency Communications Alliance Net occurs bi-monthly on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 7 PM (1900) on the KA1RCI repeater system and is open to all licensed operators.

The purpose of this net is to promote interaction and cooperation between the organizations and individual Amateur radio operators involved in Emergency Communication in Rhode Island. We seek to provide a free exchange of information among those organizations and individuals, and also to make other Amateur radio operators aware of opportunities to serve as Emergency Communicators

Any licensed Amateur is welcome to participate in this net. You do not need to be affiliated with any emergency management agency or disaster response organization to check in.


All amateur radio operators are encouraged to join the net.

The YL net (New day & time)

The net meets on the 1st, 3rd and 4th Mondays at 6pm 1800, local time, on the KA1RCI repeater network. We meet in person on the 2nd Saturday of the month at 9am 0900, Westerly Police Department EOC, 60 Airport Road, Westerly.  NCS Sally KB1RHD  e mail is


The New England Digital Emergency Communications Network holds a weekly DMR net on the DMR-MARC New England Wide talk group 3181 on Mondays at 8pm (2000) local time. Checkins are accepted from across New England by state, followed by announceents and a roundtable discussion or Q&A. NE1B Bill is the net manager.

Also on the network are the TAC310 net on Sundays at 8 PM,  which is good for technical subjects and  Q&A, and the World Wide DMR Net on Saturdays at Noon on the World Wide talk group. For more information about DMR in our area, visit