The Fidelity Amateur Radio Club will be participating in Winter field day At the New England Wireless and steam museum.  1300 Frenchtown Rd. East Greenwich, RI  on  Saturday, January 28th from 2 pm Saturday till Sunday, January 29th till 2 pm. The museum will be open to the public during this time period. You can make a voluntary donation to the museum if you wish.


Good Morning fellow ARRL members:
Once again, we have received a clarification of FCC’s ruling  MD
Docket No. 20-270 . 
As detailed in the latest ARRL letter, the $35 fee will NOT apply to
license upgrades. 
It will only apply to new licenses being issued and renewals of an
existing license. 
Upgrades from Technician to General or Extra and upgrades from General
to Extra will NOT carry a fee. Becoming a VE will not carry any fee
because it is not an FCC action. 
ARRL Letter may be found at . 
Sorry for the confusion. 

ARRL Rhode Island Section
Section Manager: Robert G Beaudet, W1YRC


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