The ICOM IC-V80 Sport handheld that I have has never been used and has fully intact factory packaging in the factory box.  I currently have it advertised on Craigslist for $60 for pickup in West Warwick, RI.  I think it’s a great go-to handheld radio (especially for emergency use) as it comes with a BP-263 AA cell holder which allows it to run on conventional AA batteries.

I have been involved with public safety monitoring and scanning for the past 50+ years but never obtained an amateur radio license.  I obtained the brand-new ICOM IC-V80 Sport as part of a package deal when I purchased a new handheld P25 phase I/phase II digital trunking scanner.

I was originally planning to use the ICOM as a dedicated receiver to monitor ham traffic in the 144-148 MHz band with CTCSS and DTCS.  The thing is I have other radios/scanners that will perform that function sufficiently so I really have no practical need for the ICOM at this time