The RI SWAP & SELL NET will be running the net on the NB1RI Network while the link is active 

The Kent County Repeater Club., KC1DGM  has 3 repeaters on the air.

146.910  C4FM digital and analog PL100
224.300 Analog PL 100
446.725 Analog PL100
These are local repeaters for the Kent County area and not intended to
cover the State of Rhode Island.
Please give then a  try.


The Tri-City Amateur Radio Club will be conducting an Amateur Radio License Exam May 15, 2021 starting at 9 AM. The exam will be on Route 32 in Montville CT.

Reservations are required and walk-ins will not be accepted.
Please email for further information and/or to request a reservation for a testing seat.

Exam requirements can be found at:
Masks are required, hand sanitizer will be available and encouraged, and social distancing will be maintained. The ARRL Exam Fee for 2021 is $15.00.

If you don’t already have an FCC FRN number, or forgot what yours is, please go to the following website to obtain one. It is now a requirement for all amateur radio operators.
Here is the link:
“An FRN, or FCC registration number, is a 10-digit number that is assigned to a business or individual registering with the FCC.”
The FCC is requiring this as they want to stop asking for people’s Social Security Numbers, which is what they have required for many years. In addition, you will need an active email address.


County Repeater

K1WYC Bob is trustee

Freq: 146.910  Pl tone 100

Analog and Fusion C4FM


Happy St Patrick’s Day to all:

In my recent monthly Activity Report for March, it seems that I painted
my report regarding the cancellation of VE sessions with too broad a
brush. Quick to point out my oversight, The Newport County Radio Club
reported that they have conducted twelve sessions in 2020 and cancelled
only one. I’m sure that they were Covid compliant. They were also
happy to point out that they conducted a successful VE session early in

I am happy to report that to the approximately 350 ARRL members who
register to receive these monthly reports, but I’m not a mind reader.
I must be told these things. Recently, I have been trying without much
success to switch e mail addresses. In that process, I apparently have
missed some e mails for which I am very sorry. Maybe folks need to
request that I send them a receipt when they send me information until I
get this issue straightened out.

NCRC is offering classes to obtain the Technician and upgrade to General

The Technician Class will begin at 6 PM on Tuesday April 20th.

The General Class will begin at 6 PM on Friday April 23rd.

To register for the Technician Class use this URL:
To register for the General Class use this URL:

I’m sorry I didn’t publish this important information earlier. I
hope that fellow RI Amateurs reading this now will pass it along to
those who you know might benefit from knowing it. The dates are a month

Thanks and 73,
Bob Beaudet, W1YRC
RI Section Manager

ARRL Rhode Island Section
Section Manager: Robert G Beaudet, W1YRC


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