The RI SWAP & SELL NET will be running the net on the Cumberland 145.170 repeater until further notice and until the link issues are cleared up. Pl tone is 67




Hello Hams,

September is fast approaching with a large event here in Westerly, the Surftown Half Marathon and 5K and I am still looking for assistance.  I received responses from the follow hams.
































The Hartford Marathon Foundation, Inc. is a not for profit organization whose mission is to encourage individuals and families to adopt and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. The organization promotes fitness to all ages and all abilities through community running events, school based programs and community collaborations. The Hartford Marathon Foundation coordinates the Surftown as well as many other events in Connecticut and Rhode Island.  Their mission is to organize programs and events that promote health, fitness and enjoyment for participants of all ages and experience levels. Over 70,000 people participate annually in HMF events.  Since 1994, the HMF has injected over $105 million for dozens of community charities.  Since 1998, over 10,000 adults and children have participated in Hartford Marathon Foundation Training programs designed to help people begin or build a running or walking program.

Running along the ocean front streets of Misquamicut Beach and Watch Hill, RI, the Surftown Half Marathon is a spectacular beach race featuring stunning ocean views! Fast and flat, the 13.1 mile half marathon is a great destination race with live entertainment on the course, pace teams and a well-marked route with timing clocks, fluid stations and support on the course. The Surftown Half Marathon is a favorite of many runners, about 2,600 every year,

This is a large event and requires a substantial number of hams.  Non hams are welcome also because they are a great help to the hams providing the communications.

If you are available or not please let me know.  If you know anyone who might be interested that did not receive this email please forward.  Let you Clubs/Teams know about the event.  Previous experience not required.

Thank you “73”

Jim Creamer KB1MAO

Westerly Amateur Radio Team

Washington County District Emergency Coordinator

2 David Ave.

Westerly, RI 02891

P: 401-596-2720

C: 401-864-4510



Greetings ARRL members and friends: 
Well, summertime is generally less active for Amateur Radio. Field Day
in June seems to mark both the end of a season and the start of one.
Propagation is different during summer with Sporadic-E openings giving
us a treat. VHF openings can surprise us with nice but shirt openings.
Just enjoy every day. 
In this month’s report, I want to tell you that because I receive a
number of spam phone calls every day, unless I recognize the number or
name identified on my caller ID of any incoming call, I will let my
answering machine answer the call. As your Section Manager, I must be
available to you and this spam problem can possibly interfere with that.
You may always e mail me at . If you wish to speak to me,
call my phone number published on page 16 of any QST and if I do not
answer, please leave a message and I shall return your call. Spam
callers never leave a message. 
I hope that you participated in Field Day in some manner. I visited nine
Field Day sites on Field Day Saturday and was very pleased to see so
much enthusiasm and interest shown to support this annual event. FT-8,
the new digital mode surely made its presence known. Current band
conditions give FT-8 a perfect Atopportunity to show its stuff. At a
couple of sites I visited, it was the major point maker for the team.
While the SSB station was calling CQ over and over, the FT-8 station
continued to click new contacts into the log. Those who are too stubborn
to accept FT-8 are left behind. CW is also a major point maker but weak
signals bite into its overall effectiveness. As the old slogan taught
us, if you can’t hear them, you can’t work them. FT-8 can hear many
signals that we cannot hear. Like it or not, as a practical matter, we
should take advantage of it.

The Tour de Cure needs your help. This fund-raising race in Washington
County takes place every September and is sponsored by American Diabetes
Association. Amateurs are needed to supply the communications network
that is needed to provide safety for the hundreds of participants. If
you would like more information, please review the material at
. You may also contact Jim Creamer, KB1MAO at .
Volunteers are needed at rest stations and aboard SAG vehicles. Jim and
the Westerly-Wakefield Emergency Team do a very big job every year and
they can use your help. Please check into it and if you can help in any
way, please do so. Your help will benefit a great many people. Thank
Officially, my new term as Section Manager started on July 1st and will
run for two more years. If I survive to the end of my term, it will
total 19 years since taking over and I understand from the record
keepers in Newington that will put me in first place for length of
service as an SM or SCM in RI. I’m humbled by that accomplishment but
it may be telling me that it’s time for someone new to step up. I
don’t have a lock on this highly compensated (not) post. It provides
plenty of personal satisfaction however. 
The annual Boxboro New England Convention is nearly here. The dates are
September 6-8. Details are available at .
Seeing your friends at Boxboro is a great way to finish off the summer
and get ready for serious fall and winter on air activity. I’ll be
there and hope to see you. 
Your RI ARES leadership is hosting a gathering of ARES members at
Beavertail on Jamestown Island, one of most picturesque places in our
small state on Saturday, July 20 from 10 AM until 4:30 PM. They will
activate an HF station and have pot-luck food available. They ask that
you bring something if you come to the event. 
The new ARRL Volunteer Monitor program will replace the former Official
Observer program with a much smaller number of volunteers who have been
rather carefully selected from applicants to the new program by its
leader, Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH. Only 150 positions are being filled
in the new program which will likely start functioning in the fall. The
applicants not selected will be held in a reserve pool. More details are
available on the ARRL website and in the ARRL Letter. 
Confirming data has been released concerning two of the latest sunspots.
Their polarity is reversed from previously observed spots and scientists
say these are definitely signs that new Cycle 25 has begun, not with a
brass band playing but it definitely has started. That doesn’t mean
that band conditions will dramatically improve or that our 5 watt ten
meter transceiver will be working toward DXCC this fall and winter. But
we can look in our rear-view mirror and see Cycle 24 and wave bye-bye.
It will likely take the rest of this year and much of next before we can
really notice any measurable up-clicks, but they are coming. 
Here at the minimum between Cycles 24 and 25, we can use the benefits
that the WSJT technology developed for us by Dr. Joe Taylor, K1JT
provides. If you are not familiar with it, you have come aboard at the
optimum time. Go to
and familiarize yourself with what has been released in the last few
years and is still developing today. I use FT-8 and have tried the new
FT-4. Their ability to work stations through extremely weak band
conditions is nothing short of amazing. Not everyone likes it, feeling
that it makes DXing too easy. Technology is here and upon us whether we
like it or not. We must make the best of what is reality. 
I sincerely hope that you enjoy your summer. Watch 6 and 2 meters for
sporadic E openings, which can happen at any time of the day. Good luck.


ARRL Rhode Island Section
Section Manager: Robert G Beaudet, W1YRC