The Boxboro Convention and Flea market will be

on September 7-9 th.  2018.  Just had it posted in this months QST.  Will post more detailed

information when we get closer to that date.

Greetings ARRL members and friends:

In a busy news month, sometimes items are forgotten. It was called to my
attention that I forgot to report on the Original 13 Colonies Special
Event that took place during the week of July 4th. Despite the fact that
I participated and worked every colony plus the two bonus stations, I
forgot. Blame it on age, I guess. I apologize and wish to report on
this, the tenth anniversary year of the 13 Colony activity with this
supplementary report.

Chris, W1KMA once again served as RI’s team Captain. Chris reports
that four stations were active in RI on CW, SSB and FT8 from 160 to 6
meters. The special call used in RI was K2C, the same as was used in
past years. These four stations were kept busy, logging 7,075 QSOs with
stations throughout North America and many countries.

The World Radiosport Team Competition starts at 12:00 UTC on July 14th
and runs until the 15th at 11:59 UTC. Details may be found at . This is a major DX event
and will feature the best operators in the world competing against one
another using equal modest stations in Germany. Try to work the
who will be using special calls listed on this page .
Again, I apologize and wish you good hunting on the air.
Have fun.
73,  ARRL Rhode Island Section
Section Manager: Robert G Beaudet, W1YRC