The RI SWAP & SELL NET will be running the net on the Cumberland 145.170 repeater until further notice and until the link issues are cleared up. Pl tone is 67


Spring Tech Radio Class

Class information:

·       Location, downstairs at the North Smithfield Police station, 575 Smithfield Road, North Smithfield, RI 02896.

·       This address is right at Park Square, diagonally across from the back entrance to Our Lady, Queen of Martyrs Church.  It is easy to find, right on the Woonsocket, North Smithfield line.

·       Classes start at 7:00 PM sharp and last until 9:15 PM.  I am available for questions and discussion after class if necessary.

·       Anyone interested should e-mail me or either of the two people below.  Peter is in charge of the EMA that sponsors the class, Marian is the Radio Officer, and I am the lowly teacher.

·       There is no fee for the class, but the Gordon West book is about $22.  The book is required, homework reading will be assigned.

·       I welcome people of any technical skill level.

·       I also welcome already licensed operators, as they often promote good discussions, and can sometimes help me out if a student question stumps me.  That has happened before.

·       This class is sponsored by the North Smithfield EMA.

·       Class Dates:

o       March 14           Class 1

o       March 21           Class 2

o       March 28           Class 3

o       April 4                 Class 4

o       April 11               Class 5

o       April 18   – Ascension Thursday, NO class.  I’ll be in Church

o       April 25               Class 6

o       May 2                  Class 7

o       May 9                  Class 8

·       VE Session May 11, thanks to BVARC

If you have any questions about this announcement, about the class or anything, feel free to e-mail me back.  If you know of any other venue to promote this class, feel free to share with any and all.  Thank you for your assistance!

Best regards – 73,

Bill Lincourt


The ECARA flea market will be Sunday April 28th at the Thompson Raceway Restaurant.   If you would like to reserve a table or tables please reply to this email or send an email to the address on the flyer.  We will collect the money at the flea market
Thank you very much for reserving tables with us in the past


Jon Fournier


The Cumberland 145.170 repeater will be hosting a DX Spotting hub   Regular users will not be effected by this. If no QSO’s are going on Spotters will announce DX Stations by “PY8WV ON 14.280 then give their own call sign”  listen for the activity starting immediately


After a lengthy absence from the airwaves, the RIAFMRS 223.760 repeater is back on air from Chopmist Hill!  Please pass the word!

Repeater Output: 223.760 MHz
Repeater Input: 222.160 MHz
PL Tone: 67.0Hz.

Thanks, and Enjoy!

Roland – N1JOY