The RI SWAP & SELL NET will be running the net on the Cumberland 145.170 repeater until further notice and until the link issues are cleared up. Pl tone is 67



146.760 repeater annual auction will be Saturday September 21st from 7am to 11:30am. Auction will start at 10am. Near Central Airport at the Columbus VFW Post 171 Jencks Hill Rd, Lincoln, RI. 02865. Contact Dave W2DAN for details at 401-241-9888 or Ham Shack Hotline 4030


The New England Wireless & Steam Museum will be holding their annual Yankee Steam-Up on Saturday, 5 October, 2019. The event will feature vendors and collectors demonstrating operating steam engines. Also, the massive steam engines that are part of the museum will be started up and demonstrated. Of special interest to hams will be the Wireless Building that has on display numerous spark gap and tube radios of all kinds. Also the Point Judith Wireless Station may be transmitting as a special event station, N1EPJ. There will also be antique cars on display. Food will be available. See the website for more information:

 New England Wireless & Steam Museum

1300 Frenchtown Road • East GreenwichRI 02818

Saturday, 5 October 20199:00 am – 4:00 pm
Admission: $15 – $7 students • Plenty of free parking • Food available\




Greetings: Well, we are standing at the beginning of the Consortium’s eleventh year. Who would have thought that I’d ever be saying that? When I pulled this ragged collection of ideas intoa meeting at the Lincoln LIbrary, I honestly thought we had a one (or two) and done activity. But, you the residents of the area asked for more. We ran several sessions in the backof the Patriot Diner. We quickly outgrew that space and found ourselves in the Asia Grille in the Lincoln Mall. They can provide the space we need for 35-40 guests. September 9th is the second Monday this year and our first meeting of the new season. The complete 2019/20 schedule is attached for your planning.  The title of this first session is WATTS IN THE BAG?  OR HOW I GOT ON THE AIR FOR $50.00 . Jim Johnson, K1GND will present most of the material and will want your participation. So, get your thoughts together. It will be an interactive program with your responses providing much of the direction Jim will be taking. I realize that this teaser doesn’t tell you very much, but as all Consortium topics are intended to be, the meeting will focus on Basic Radio knowledge. I will contribute as I can on topics involving operating practices and techniques, again with the focus on basic or fundamental knowledge.  Between the two of us, Jim and I have well over a hundred years of experience and we are willing to spend our time sharing what we know with you so your ham radio experience will be more fruitful and enjoyable. We’ll try to help you avoid the mistakes that we made and share the best practices that we have learned along our way to where we are today. Jim and I are both Extra class Amateurs, DXCC members and have WAS and other awards. We have done many things in ham radio and can help you. The Consortium charges no fee for its sessions. The Consortium is one of many activities sponsored by the Blackstone Valley Amateur Radio Club, Inc. The only cost to you other than getting yourself there is whatever you spend on your meal. We do not provide that.  We shall meet in the small private dining room immediately behind the podium inside the restaurant door. We have our own wait staff and a full menu. We are not asked to pay any premium for this private service, so you are encouraged to buy something while you are there. If you eat dinner elsewhere or bring take out from somewhere else, please do not bring it into the Asia Grille and consume it there, leaving your waste for them to clean up. Finish your dinner before coming in. Remember please, they give us this space at no charge. The Asia Grille is at the west end of Lincoln Mall on Washington Highway, Rte 116. We try to start the program at 6:30 so that we can finish before 9. If you wish to enjoy some dinner before our program, try to arrive earlier, say about 5:15 to 5:30. That will provide time for your meal and to have the tables cleared before we start.  So, we’ll see you on Monday, Sept 9th at the Asia Grille. 73, Jim, K1GND and Bob W1YRC